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Affiliate Funds

Affiliate Funds are intended to help outside communities attract and retain talent, build new business opportunities, further existing successes, foster collaboration, and empower their fellow neighbors to create a brighter tomorrow.


These community foundations (affiliate funds) address the philanthropic needs of their communities while partnering with the Kearney Area Community Foundation for investment and administrative support, and in most cases, utilize a local advisory board to make decisions on grants and other charitable work.

If you are interested in setting up an Affiliate Fund with the Kearney Area Community Foundation, please call our office at (308) 237-3114. Thank you!

         Our Affiliate Funds
  • Amherst “Building for Tomorrow”

  • Elm Creek “Building for Tomorrow”

  • Elm Creek Community Fund

  • Garden County Community Foundation

  • Garden County Community Foundation Endowment Fund

  • Gibbon “Building for Tomorrow”

  • Gibbon Endowment

  • Kearney “Building for Tomorrow”

  • Pleasanton “Building for Tomorrow”

  • Pleasanton Community Improvement Fund

  • Pleasanton Endowment Fund

  • Ravenna “Building for Tomorrow"

  • Ravenna Community Foundation

  • Shelton “Building for Tomorrow”

This list of charitable funds was established by you, the charitable individuals of the Kearney area, since 1995. It is a powerful testimony to the causes and institutions you consider vital to our community’s well-being.

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