Grant Application Steps

Review the Grant Guidelines to determine if your organization qualifies for a grant.


Complete a Grant Application Form.  Forms are available online or by calling us at (308) 237-3114.  Grant proposals will not be considered without an application.

Supporting Required Documents

Keep into consideration:

  1. All applications must be typed (single spaced).  No handwritten grant proposals will be considered.

  2. All questions on the Grant Application Form must be answered. Supporting documents are required as follows:

  • Attachment A: Federal Tax Exemption Letter OR explain how the project/ program for which you are applying is a charitable activity. If your organization is tax exempt, an exemption letter is required.

  • Attachment B: Names and title of leadership, including directors, board officers and/or key volunteers.

  • Attachment C: Operating budget for the current year, including a list of principal sources of income.

  • Attachment D: Financial statements from most recent year-end, include audited statements if available.

  3. Please do not include videotapes or DVDs. Do not use a binding system or “packaging” to enhance the proposal. Please         do not include other attachments, folders of information or cover letters; brevity is greatly appreciated.

  4. Return eight (8) photocopies of the application and two (2) copies of the required supporting documents.

Submitting Grant Application

Mail or hand deliver the application and copies to KACF Grants Program, 412 W. 48th Street, Suite 12,  Kearney, NE  68845, by the appropriate deadline (February 1 or August 1).  No facsimiles or email submissions will be accepted. This is a firm deadline — please do not call for an extension.

412 W 48th St #12

Kearney, NE 68845


Phone: (308) 237-3114

Fax: (308) 237-9845


8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Monday thru Friday