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Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted Funds are intended to build a permanent endowment to sustain our services to communities far into the future. Your investment generates an ongoing source of income year after year; and spent to help cover the costs of providing development services for the Kearney area.

If you are interested in setting up an Unrestricted Fund with the Kearney Area Community Foundation, please call our office at (308) 237-3114. Thank you!

         Unrestricted Funds
  • Kearney Area Community Foundation Stakeholder

  • Kearney Area Community Foundation Endowment

  • Kearney Area Community Foundation Operating & Reserve

  • Ron and Carol Cope Endowment


This list of charitable funds was established by you, the charitable individuals of the Kearney area, since 1995. It is a powerful testimony to the causes and institutions you consider vital to our community’s well-being.

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