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Agency Funds

Agency Funds are restricted for the benefit of the specific named organization. Agency expendable funds allow donations to be collected for bigger projects or future operational support. Nonprofits have internal spending policies governing how these funds are used. Agency endowed funds are intended to set aside money that will be protected and grow over the long-term, providing a source of lasting support for future needs. The goal of any endowment is for it to grow, making an even greater impact in the future!

If you are interested in setting up an Agency Fund with the Kearney Area Community Foundation, please call our office at (308) 237-3114. Thank you!

This list of charitable funds was established by you, the charitable individuals of the Kearney area, since 1995. It is a powerful testimony to the causes and institutions you consider vital to our community’s well-being.

         Agency Funds
  • Archery Program Fund

  • Becoming an Outdoors Family

  • Becoming an Outdoors Woman

  • Buffalo County Community Partners Health Endowment

  • Buffalo County Historical Society Endowment

  • Buffalo County Historical Society-Building Endowment

  • Chariots4Hope of Central NE Fund

  • Cornhusker Trap Shoot

  • Crane River Theater Endowment

  • Crossroads Center Endowment

  • Directors Cup Fund

  • Family Advocacy Network

  • Himanchal Educational Foundation

  • Holy Cross Lutheran Church Endowment

  • Hunter Education Fund

  • Kearney Concert Association Davis Trust

  • Kearney Concert Association Endowment

  • Kearney Family YMCA Foundation Endowment

  • Kearney Family YMCA MVP Endowment

  • Kearney Park and Recreation

  • Kearney Public Library Early Childhood Education Fund

  • Kearney Public Library Endowment

  • Kearney Public Library Endowment Fund-Lane

  • Kearney Public Library Foundation Expendable Fund

  • Kearney Public Library Lane Expendable Fund

  • Kearney Rescue Cats

  • Kearney Tennis Association

  • Kids and Dreams Foundation

  • Kids and Dreams Foundation Endowment

  • Nebraska Fishing Activities Fund

  • Pat Munro United Way of the Kearney Area Endowment

  • Robert M. Merryman Performing Arts Center Endowment

  • SAFE Center Endowment

  • Todd Becker Foundation Endowment

  • Tri-City Youth Ice Hockey

  • United Way of the Kearney Area Endowment

  • Yanney Heritage Park Foundation Endowment

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