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Donor Stories

“We have used a family Donor Advised Fund with the Kearney Area Community Foundation for several years to gift equities with a high capital gain, rather than cash. Not only is this advantageous from a tax standpoint, but it also is a very convenient way to support a variety of projects across the community. We make one annual gift to the donor advised fund and then advise the foundation where we would like those grants given within the community throughout the year. The staff at KACF does a wonderful job of assisting us with our fund and keeping us informed of its status.”

Steve and Mary Jo Chatelain, Chatelain Family Advised Fund


“The benefits of my association with the Kearney Area Community Foundation have been both expected and unexpected. As expected, my family’s Donor Advised Fund enables us to advise the Community Foundation staff to make grants on our behalf to charities of our choosing. Theunexpected benefit of my relationship with KACF has been the opportunity to increase my involvement in and knowledge of the community through the staff’s in-depth knowledge of the programs and agencies making a real difference in the Kearney area.”


Dottie Bowman, Chet L. Bowman Family Memorial Advised Fund


“We set up an anonymous Donor Advised Fund with the Kearney Area Community Foundation many years ago. We appreciate the fact that we are able to remain unknown, yet can give back to our community. Every year, we give appreciated stock to the Community Foundation which allows us to grow our fund to the point that our children will have great fun making sizable grants back to the Kearney area in the future. We made our living in this community, raised our children in this community and now we want to give something back to this community. Our endowed Donor Advised Fund will help us make a difference indefinitely.”


Anonymous Kearney Family, Anonymous Donor Advised Fund


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