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Ways to Give

Kearney Area Community Foundation provides donors a simple, powerful, and highly personal approach to giving. We offer a variety of giving tools to help people who care connect with causes that matter. A donor can make a gift of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, or other assets to your community foundation. A donor should always consult with their professional adviser to select the most tax advantageous method of giving. Most charitable gifts qualify for maximum tax advantage under federal law. Here are some examples of ways to give a charitable gift other than cash:

Assets of a Private Foundation

Focus on charitable giving, not management hassles

Family or other private foundations can retain all the essential prerogatives of their private foundation while being relieved of regulatory, administrative and excise tax burdens by using a donor advised fund or creating a supporting organization of the Kearney Area Community Foundation.

Bequest by Will

A legacy of giving

Including a charitable bequest in a will is a simple way to make a lasting gift to our community. When a donor makes this gift through their community foundation, KACF establishes a special fund that benefits the community forever and becomes the donor’s personal legacy of giving.

Charitable Lead Trust

Giving back to the community and loved ones

A Charitable Lead Trust helps a donor build a charitable fund with the community foundation during the trust’s term. When the trust terminates, the remaining assets are transferred to the donor or their heirs, often with significant transfer-tax savings.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Planning for the future - for you and your community

Giving through a Charitable Remainder Trust allows a donor to receive income for the rest of their life, knowing that whatever remains will benefit our community.

Gift from Your Business

Another way a business gives back

Corporate giving and annual charitable projects can be administered through the Kearney Area Community Foundation, which provides professional fund management and a positive profile for the company at low cost.

Gift of Life Insurance

Community as your beneficiary

Life insurance provides a simple way for a donor to give a significant gift to charity, with tax benefits that they can enjoy during their lifetime.

Gift of Real Estate

A charitable gift unearthed

Making a charitable gift of real estate through the community foundation can help turn a donor’s property gains into community good. The value of real estate may exceed that of any other asset a donor owns. With the help of the community foundation, a donor can use it to fulfill their charitable interests and receive financial and tax benefits.

IRA's & Other Retirement Funds

Avoiding estate tax while giving back to the community

Lessen the impact of income, estate and generation-skipping taxes on a family’s inheritance by naming the Community Foundation as the beneficiary, thereby removing the asset from the donor’s taxable estate.

Gift of Appreciated Stock

Turning stock market gains into community investment

Everybody wins when a donor makes a gift of appreciated stock to the community foundation. The gains are put to good use. The gift of stock is reinvested in our community, and it qualifies for an immediate tax deduction based on the full market value. (Capital gains taxes may also be avoided!)

There is so much more we’d like you to know. For more information and ideas on ways to integrate your financial planning with charitable giving, ask your financial advisor or contact the Community Foundation.

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