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Donor Advised Funds

Did you know you could impact your community by establishing a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at the Kearney Area Community Foundation? But, what is a DAF? A Donor Advised Fund is a type of charitable giving fund that is established by a donor with our Community Foundation to support causes that the donor cares about. A Donor Advised Fund allows the donor to remain involved and active in charitable giving by retaining “advising privileges” to recommend how KACF should make grants from the fund. This allows donors to be strategic with their tax planning by allowing every deposit into the fund to be tax deductible within that same year*. The donor advisors may choose to give grants at any time, that can be made to other nonprofits, not necessarily in the same year.

In order to establish a Donor Advised Fund, a donor must provide an initial contribution, whether that be cash, assets or stock. A DAF will be established (and board approved) prior to KACF accepting the first gift. In addition, our staff is here to help advise donors on the local charitable organizations they may like to support. Not sure who to help? Stop by our office here at the Kearney Area Community Foundation, 412 W 48th St. Suite #12, Kearney, and we would love to discuss your interests and share our knowledge of local nonprofits with you! All you have to do is create and name your fund! The Kearney Area Community Foundation will assist in administrative oversight and provide receipts for tax purposes*. *As always, please check with your tax adviser regarding the deductibility of your gifts.

If you are interested in setting up a Donor Advised Fund with the Kearney Area Community Foundation, please call our office at (308) 237-3114. Thank you!

         Donor Advised Funds
  • Al and Lee Ann Lux Donor Advised Fund

  • Bascom Family Donor Advised Fund

  • Bill and Julie Oldfather Donor Advised Fund

  • Bob and Jan Scriven Family Donor Advised Fund

  • Brad and Cindy Lewis Family Charitable Fund

  • Bruner Family Donor Advised Fund

  • Charles J. and Deborah L. Keeney Donor Advised Fund

  • Cheryl Webber Charitable Fund

  • Cindy Dodson Charitable Fund

  • Circle H Charitable Advised Fund

  • C.J. Williams and Lena A. Williams Hospital Trust 

  • Dana and Beth Ernst Charitable Fund

  • Drew and Brittany Blessing Donor Advised Fund   

  • Emken Family Donor Advised Fund

  • Fasse Legacy Fund

  • Harold and Helen Olson Donor Advised Fund

  • Heaven’s Gift Donor Advised Fund

  • Jacob's Well Charitable Advised Fund

  • Jester Family Advised Fund

  • Jim and Marsha Fairbanks Charitable Fund

  • John and Sonia Sahling Donor Advised Endowed Fund

  • John and Sonia Sahling Donor Advised Expendable   Fund

  • Larry and Carol Hardesty Charitable Fund

  • Larry and Sue Bragg Donor Advised Fund

  • Mick and Sue Wise Donor Advised Fund

  • Mike and Becky Evers Charitable Advised Fund

  • Miles and Brenda Marshall Family Charitable Fund

  • Painted Prairie Donor Advised Fund

  • Parker, Grossart & Bahensky, L.L.P. Donor Advised   Fund

  • Schrock Family Donor Advised Fund

  • Sherry Morrow Donor Advised Fund

  • Steven and Meggan Gangwish Charitable Fund

  • Ted Baldwin Donor Advised Fund

  • Thomas and Colleen Connely Family Charitable Fund

  • Thomas and Cynthia Olson Donor Advised Fund

This list of charitable funds was established by you, the charitable individuals of the Kearney area, since 1995. It is a powerful testimony to the causes and institutions you consider vital to our community’s well-being.

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