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Update from Opava Mayor Tomáš Navrátil

July 2022

The refugee crisis is still one of our major challenges, although these days the number of arrivals from Ukraine is already on a downward trend. There are currently 728 refugees in Opava, with hundreds more passing through or staying for short periods. New arrivals continue to arrive, but now it is more individuals per day. The total number of Ukrainians is constantly evolving - they often leave to visit their homes, land and families in Ukraine, but the vast majority return because they have nowhere to stay in Ukraine.

At the moment, families from Ukraine occupy two city apartments as well as nearly forty beds in the city's evacuation center. In Opava and its surroundings, the city of Opava also provides them with accommodation in hostels, hotels, guesthouses, apartments, parishes and other facilities through accommodation operators - in total, we have 1,057 beds available for them.

Providing accommodation is still our number one priority. Now, in the summer, we also organize suburban summer camps for refugees from Ukraine in the community center in Opava. We help them with socialization in our environment and integration of children and adults, thanks to language courses they have the opportunity to learn Czech; part of the help are also children's groups for preschool children. We also provide psychological assistance and help with finding job opportunities and tracing family members in the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

In June, special enrollments for children from Ukraine were held in Opava for our schools and kindergartens. In September, dozens of Ukrainian children will enter primary schools and kindergartens in Opava. We do not set up special classes for them, but we integrate them directly into the school groups of Opava children in their place of residence, so that they integrate as well as possible (of course with special Czech lessons).

The money donated by donors from Kearney helps us a lot in our activities. For the time being we have used it to purchase aids for teaching Czech and to furnish the accommodation. Among other things, we have bought the necessary electrical appliances for the accommodation facilities, beds, pillows, sheets and bedding, sleeping bags and much more. A big thank you to the people of Kearney for their support.

Thank you very much for your support.

With friendly greetings,



Checks can be mailed to the Kearney Area Community Foundation, 412 W. 48th Street, #12, Kearney, NE 68845.



Kearney's Sister City, Opava in the Czech Republic (also known as Czechia), is receiving refugees from Ukraine. Opava is providing them with accommodations, food, medical services and other matters. Opava is working with the mayors of surrounding villages, firefighters, health workers, local institutions, companies and volunteers. This is a strain on Opava's resources and the situation is constantly changing. There are a lot of different areas that could use your help. This fund will allow Opava raise and distribute funds to help according to whatever the current need may be.

What is a Sister City? 

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