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Scholarship Funds

Providing the building blocks for our area includes investing in our community’s youth. When you establish a Scholarship Fund, you’re providing a chance of success to them as individuals and as future professionals in our community. 


These scholarships through the Kearney Area Community Foundation are established by generous donors, businesses, and organizations, like you, focused on assisting students in their pursuit of higher education. A scholarship fund, through KACF, connects local donors with local youth to help them achieve their educational goals. Scholarships can be awarded based on the student’s accomplishments, or financial needs, reflecting the scholarship donor’s belief in the impact an education can have in helping students attain their dreams.

Are you a local dream maker? Are you interested in creating a scholarship fund and investing in our community’s youth? The Kearney Area Community Foundation is here to help! Establishing a scholarship fund with KACF is an effective way to meet your charitable objectives as a local dreamer. Scholarship funds may vary in size and complexity, but one thing is in common throughout all funds, the charitable spirit and dedication to the education of local youth.

If you are interested in setting up a Scholarship Fund with the Kearney Area Community Foundation, please call our office at (308) 237-3114. Thank you!

This list of charitable funds was established by you, the charitable individuals of the Kearney area, since 1995. It is a powerful testimony to the causes and institutions you consider vital to our community’s well-being.

             Scholarship Funds
  • Arthur E. Klinkacek Promise

  • Asher Family 

  • Aubree Joy Hubbard Memorial 

  • Bernadine and Douglas Howarth Memorial

  • Betty Zwiener Rodehorst Memorial

  • Blanche Thompson Memorial 

  • Carla J. Middleswart Memorial 

  • C.D. Orr and Emily Orr

  • City of Oshkosh

  • C.J. Williams and Lena A. Williams 

  • Carol Cope Alpha Xi Delta 

  • Charles and Jeanette Mumma 

  • Charles and Verna Lee Falk 

  • Class of 1948 (Ravenna High School) 

  • Colleen Pfeiffer Memorial

  • Don Newth Memorial 

  • Donald Kaup Memorial Knights of Columbus 

  • Dr. AA Jaeke 

  • Dwight and Lois Gangwish

  • Elm Creek Public School Foundation

  • Elm Creek Public School Foundation Clara Marshall

  • Faye Wendt Memorial

  • Ferol G. Carney and Patricia A. Carney Memorial

  • Ft. Kearny Conference Future Educator

  • Garden County High School Alumni

  • Holy Cross Lutheran Mitchell

  • Jane S. and Franklin V. Bernhard 

  • Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce Ag Committee

  • Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce Bruce   Blankenship Leadership in Business 

  • Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce Friends of Law   Enforcement

  • Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce Mark Benjamin   Building Opportunity

  • Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce Student Leader

  • Kenneth L. Erickson FFA

  • Kurt Keaschall Memorial Pleasanton

  • Kurt Keaschall Memorial Ravenna

  • Lance Corporal Kyle Codner Memorial

  • LeRoy and Joyce Hongsermeier FFA

  • Lynn Rosenlof Hoelting Memorial

  • Mary E. Hehnke Educational

  • McKenna’s Rae of Hope Mental Health Field

  • McKenna's Rae of Hope Character

  • Oren and Joyce Vogt

  • Path To Success

  • Patricia Trubl Memorial

  • Pauline Fulton Memorial

  • Pleasanton Career Builders

  • Pleasanton High School Alumni

  • Ravenna Public School Foundation

  • Richard Dunn Memorial

  • Robin and Judy Marshall

  • Ronald and Jaquelyn Kegley 4-H

  • Roy and Doris Abood

  • S.T.A.N.D.

  • Shawn Reiber Memorial

  • Shelton "Paying It Forward"

  • Ted Headley Ag

  • Troy and Kay Bauer

  • UNK Pi Kaapa Alpha Alumni 

  • Vanity Fare

  • Vernon and Beverly Reinertson

  • Violet Wadzinski Memorial

  • Youth Leadership Kearney

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